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Who we are

We are a foreign exchange and global payments specialist with offices in London and the Middle East. We aim to save you both time and money when dealing with your international payments.


We take pride in ensuring that we provide our clients with the highest level of service to make sure each client's experience with us is the best it can be. 

Who we deal with

At KIFX we cater for a range of clients no matter the size. We deal with large corporates, SMEs and also individual clients. 

About Us

Foreign Exchange Services

Spot Transactions

Book a rate for same day value or for up to two days.

Forward Transactions

Secure a rate for up to 2 years through KIFX. We can lock in fixed forwards or can offer window forwards if you are not sure on exact dates.

What We Offer

Market Orders

If you are looking for a desired rate that is not yet quite achievable, we can put an order into the system for you that is live 24/5. Even if your rate becomes achievable in the middle of the night it will still fill and you will have a transaction receipt waiting for the next morning. 

Currency Accounts

With KIFX you can collect and hold multiple currencies. For corporate clients we are able to provide account details in your business name so that you can collect up to 25 local currencies without having to have a corporate presence in your chosen country. 

Credit Facilities

If you are considering booking a forward our payments provider can offer credit terms to lower the amount of deposit required.




Our payment and foreign exchange services are provided by our FCA authorised partners.


Client funds are held in segregated client accounts. These accounts are entirely separate to any operating accounts, so client funds are safe.


Once you are a client of KIFX you will have access to far more competitive exchange rates than your standard banks. There are also no fees to accept multiple currencies into your account or any payment fees. 

Online Platform

As a client of KIFX you will have access our online platform. Here you can make quick and easy transactions, manage your funds, check your balances in each currency, upload beneficiaries and much more. Any trades done over the phone with one our dealers or beneficiaries added by our payments team on your behalf will be visible on your platform as well.

Why Us



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+44(0)203 086 8750

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